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This site contains online  courses for IGCSE topic wise past papers for: Physics( 0625), Chemistry(0620), Biology(0610) and Math (0580).

Enrol for a course [  a yearly membership ( 365 days) renewable] and get complete  access to Online  IGCSE  topic-wise papers for the subject that you wish.

Special Features:
  • Every course is accompanied by video links for better understanding of concepts
  • Click the correct option for the MCQ's and get assessed on the spot and also know the correct answer.
  • For theory, every question is followed by the correct answer.
  • Free solved papers for every subject uploaded..

  • A free crash course for every selected course before your board exams
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  • 20% discount on hard copies of IGCSE topicwise past papers per subject that you order .

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    Available courses

    Download all IGCSE past papers for free.

    Read or download and print Solved IGCSE from 2004-2017 Chem past papers

    0580-IGCSE-Past Paper Questions

    2004-2017-Extended Theory -Variant 2-Solved Past Papers . The papers teach you how to answer the questions in the available space. It also  Shows you the graphs and Calculations wherever needed.

    Notes for the following Chem topics are currently available:

    1. Particulate nature of matter
    2. Experimental techniques
    3. Atoms, elements and compounds
    4. Stoichiometry
    5. Electricity and Chemistry
    6. Chemical energetics
    7. Chemical reactions
    8. Acids bases and salts
    9. The periodic table
    10. Metals
    11. Air and water
    12. Sulfur
    13. Carbonates
    14. Organic Chemistry